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Mike Johnson

Hi there and welcome to our site. On this site we make recommendations for you to find the fastest WordPress hosting companies on the web today.

My name is Ryan Johnson and I have owned multiple online businesses and have been building websites for over 15 years.

I have used almost every major web hosting company so I can help you understand some of the pros and cons of the different wordpress hosting websites out there.

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Now, when you're looking for the fastest WordPress hosting, it's critical to go with the right hosting company. It doesn't really matter if you are a new to WordPress or have been using it for years, speed is a critical factor in ensuring that your website can grow and continue to attract new visitors and better conversions.

It isn’t always easy to find the right host; each brings something unique to the table and every one of them is different. They all offer several different packages and, if you really don’t know what you want, this can get quite confusing.

We all want the best website we can possibly get, to boost business and keep our visitors interested and coming back for more and speed is the one thing that will do this.

Before we go to much further, let me give you my recommendation.

WP Engine - fastest WordPress hosting

In my opinion, the fastest WordPress hosting company for your personal or business websites is WP Engine. You can learn more about them at

WP Engine endorsement

​So my choice of WP Engine begs the question, why them? Out of all the WordPress hosting companies out there, why would I pick this company?

There are many reasons but let's start by answering this question...

Why is website speed so important?

Everything comes down to speed. Website speed is critical because how fast your pages load will influence whether a visitor remains on your website or moves to a different one and this, in turn, will influence your conversion rate and possible profits.

Some people believe that it is enough to build a website, publish it and then just begin to add content. The problem is, as you continue to add content, the additional data begins to add up and then sure enough, your website will gradually get slower and slower.

Your website has to be quick

 It might come as a surprise to you to know that the average visitor expects a website to load in less than 2 seconds. If it heads towards the 3-second mark, you can expect almost half of visitors to shut the page down and look elsewhere and don’t expect them to come back either – almost 80% of unhappy visitors will never return to a website.

OK think about it in terms of money

How about this – if your website takes just one second longer to load it can affect conversion rates by 7% and customer satisfaction by 16%.

Now that might not sound very high but when it comes to running an online business and trying to make a profit from it, it’s a huge dent.

How about SEO?

How does SEO affect fast wordpress hosting

Slow page loading has a negative effect on SEO page rankings from the search engines too.

The Search Engines want each visitor to get the best websites for their search queries and the likes of Google are not going to rank a slow-loading website very highly.

For you, this means your website drops further down the page rankings and once it drops off that first page, you’ve lost a significant chunk of your potential audience.

While Google doesn't directly pick up on the fact that your site is slow, they figure it out eventually.

You know how they do?

They figure out how many people spend very little on your website before coming back to Google and they determine that if people are leaving your website, quickly, it might have quality issues.

Bottom line is, if you want to keep visitors and customers on your website and possibly make any type of money, you need blazing fast speed.

How does WP Engine help with Speed and SEO?

WP Engine uses cutting edge techniques to keep your site optimized.

One of those tools is Page Performance. With Page Performance, WP Engine is the first managed WordPress platform with a web page speed performance tool integrated directly into the user dashboard.

WP Engine Page Performance Caching

This gives customers actionable insights to quickly and dramatically improve the speed of their websites.

You can learn more about that here.

How fast is your site really loading?

When you run a WordPress website, you tend not to see the site as your visitors do. Why Because most of the time, you are carrying out your admin duties in the back end of the website, in the WordPress dashboard, and not the front end, which is what your visitors see.

You might think your website loads just fine but plenty of other people might not be getting the same experience.

Part of this is down to the amount of time you spend on your website. Your browser caches the static elements of your site, thus making them a good deal faster to access the next time around.

People who visit your website for the first time don’t get that bonus – they need to start from scratch. Plus, we all use different devices and these all operate at different speeds and, as a result, some people are simply not going to be happy with having to wait for a slow page.

WP Engine has tools to help with site speed which we will get to but first, if you're curious about how fast your current website is, you might want to try out their tool, the WP Engine Speed Checker.

With the Speed Checker, you can quickly and simply analyze how fast your WordPress site loads and get insights you can use to make your site faster.

A few more things to consider about your WordPress hosting

There are a few things that you need to consider when you are looking for a web host for your WordPress website:

Current Audience Size

Website Audience size

What is the size of your audience at the moment? This is quite important because you need a web host that can handle your audience and more as you grow. On a standard hosting plan, you will be allocated a space on the server. 

The host may say that they offer unlimited space but that is not strictly true – read the small print on the user agreement!

If you are using a shared plan and your website experiences a spike in traffic, your site will slow down – too much of a spike and your site could go offline altogether. Check forums and the internet to see what levels of traffic your chosen hosting provider can handle.

Server Location

Website Server Location

This tends to be one of those things that we don’t consider but we should. You want a server that is close to the geographical location of your audience.

For example, if most of your audience is in Europe then there is little point in choosing a host whose nearest server is in Australia! It may work out cheaper in fees, but it will cost you in lost visitors.

Performance and Speed

Website performance and speed

You are only going to get a decent service if your host has the hardware to do the job, such as disk space, RAM and CPU and how these get used will depend on your website and the number of visitors that you get.

For example, if you have content that consistently goes viral then you don’t want an average plan – it just won’t be fast enough for you. In terms of disk space, most hosts will offer you unlimited space so concentrate on what their transfer speed is – the lower the transfer time, the better.

Web Hosting Support

Website Support

Support is always an important thing – if you are an old hand at WordPress and know all about security, and backing up your site, caching solutions, restoration and migration, for example, then you won’t need quite so much support but for newbies, it is critical.

Even experts need help at some time or another though; Murphy's law dictates that if something can go wrong, it will and if your host provider does not have a decent support system then you could lose your website. You need to look for a web hosting company that handles your support needs as they come up.


Website uptime

Finally, you need a host that has an uptime of 99% or higher. Most do offer this, and most can stick to their promises with no trouble at all but don’t just take their word for it; check out reviews on the internet and see what the real users have to say.

If a host offers an uptime of 99.6% but their users say differently then you might want to think twice about signing up.

My experience with WP Engine

Satisfaction with the fastest WordPress hosting

I have a TON of sites on a my plan with WP Engine and for close to 5 years, the support has been rock solid.

I have had millions of visitors and 10's of millions of page impressions and their uptime has been terrific. The primary reason for my success online has been the ability to actually let them deal with all the behind the scenes nonsense and let me focus on my site and business.

There are five primary reasons why I would recommend WP Engine's website hosting services to you.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • WordPress Website Security
  • CDN and Site Performance
  • Simple User Portal
  • AMAZING support

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is undoubtedly the top option for the majority of users and I STRONGLY recommend this option to you.

This is where WP Engine shines! 

There is no need for any technical knowledge because the host does almost everything for you on the backend, leaving you free to focus on your website.

Even if you forget about site optimization, managed hosting solutions tend to regularly cache the website for you, as well as scanning for malware, sorting out any security problems and updating themes and plugins.

On top of that, they also back your website up every day. They offer full 24/7 support so if your website goes wrong, they are there, and they can restore it for you.

Learn more about WP Engine's Managed WordPress Hosting Services at this Link

WordPress Website Security

wordpress website security

Security is a major concern for sites of all shapes and sizes.

According to Google’s research, the number of hacked sites continues to rise by over 30% year over year.

Ensuring your site is protected from attackers is paramount to your site’s uptime and your brand’s integrity. At WP Engine they do a lot behind the scenes to ensure your site is safe and secure!

Learn more about what they do to secure your WordPress website at this link.

CDN and Site Performance

wordpress cdn

What is a CDN? It stands for Content delivery Network.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN's) are systems of distributed servers that are intended to speed up website loading times and protect against issues caused by traffic spikes.

CDN's store copies of static content throughout their network, and then serve them up to users from the most geographically logical server location. Since they typically have servers all over the world, loading times can be sharply reduced.

Learn more about how WP Engine distributes your WordPress content at this link.

Simple User Portal

WP Engine User Portal

When you sign up for a plan, you get access to one of the most simple but powerful user interfaces for any hosting company I have used.

The WP Engine User Portal is your account’s portal page and has access to all their major features.

The article below shows you each of the features that they provide in the portal and how you can utilize them on your WordPress site.

Whether it's creating real time backups, installing SSL with one click or setting up the CDN, this portal makes it easy for users to manage their website's information.

Learn more about how WP Engine's User Portal at this link.

Amazing User Support

Website Hosting Support

As I said at the beginning of this, I have tried almost every major hosting company on the web and one of the things that WP Engine does REALLY well is user support.

First of all, it's 24/7 support so you always have someone there to take your call or chat.

Second of all, the customer support training is amazing because they are ALWAYS happy to take your call or chat AND they never talk down to you or make you feel like you are asking a stupid question.

Third, they know their sh**. Their support staff are really well trained on technical WordPress issues as well as the little things that they know trip up the average website user.

Learn more about WP Engine's fantastic customer support at this link.

My summary - WP Engine is the fastest WordPress hosting company

WP Engine Homepage

If you are looking for stress free no hassle WordPress hosting that is super fast and efficient, I have to recommend WP Engine to you.

They are a great company and even though I am an affiliate (all my links are affiliate links), I really do believe in their products and their support.

Check out their plans below and see which ones you need to get started.

=> Link to WP Engine Plans

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MyThemeShop Themes

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Every theme has support for unlimited colors and the entire catalogue of Google web fonts — more than 600. Perhaps more importantly, all themes offer unlimited background options: including a variety of built-in background patterns, the aforementioned unlimited colours, and the option to upload a custom background image.

The themes are pretty feature-rich too. There’s built in ad management, stylish and lightweight social-sharing buttons, and contact form functionality included with every theme. All themes also come with support for the entire collection of MyThemeShop shortcodes, allowing you to add eye-catching design elements to your site with ease.

Most importantly, though, is that underneath all of this is a clean, lightweight, and robust code. What’s more, to ensure your site is as visitor-friendly as possible, all themes boast a fully mobile responsive design, lightning-quick load times, and cross-browser compatibility.

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WP Engine Invoice

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